One of the most favorite accessories worn by men (aside from his wedding ring, which actually some don’t even wear) is an intelligent timepiece. Today, men’s watches are more than a fashion accessory; it has also become a symbol of their personality and a tool for telling the time. By the watch he wear you can easily tell what a man does for a living or even if he is wealthy.

Men’s watches aside from its functionality and usefulness, it also comes in a fashionable and modern look. Man will never ever trust other fashion accessories, but only to a finely made watch. Men usually pick his watch that can match his dressing style, life’s activities and personality while still keeping his appointments.

Among the popular type of men’s watches are the following

Sport Watch

Sports watches are obviously used by men who are into outdoor activity or sporting. They look great and usually come with extra interesting function such as timer, memory, backlight, stopwatch, alarm, date, location locator, etc. They are also sometimes resistant to water, scratches, weather and pressure. Sports watches have a longer battery life as compared to other type of men’s watches. In terms of the physical aspects, sports watches have a strong and bold appearance that is attractive to men and women. Some great models will sot you expensive, but you can also find huge models that is price reasonable enough.

Sport Luxury Collection

Sport luxury watches are a bit expensive as compared to sports watches. They also comes more stylish and well made. Men’s sport luxury pieces offer exceptional functionality along with fashionable package. You can find huge of this watches in some of well- know designer brands.

Formal Watches

For business man, a dress timepiece is a must-have. They can offer a wearer a professional, smart look most especially if paired with a dark tailored suit. They are sophisticated in style and perfect for your day in a boardroom and your evenings entertaining clients at dinner. They are pricey, but not to be as one of the most expensive.

So, whether you are buying for yourself or for special someone. Take into consideration his lifestyle and way of living. There are other categories of men’s watches you can find on the market today such as casual watches and fashion watches. Deciding what to buy can be fun and exciting and can give a rewarding feeling. No other fashion accessories can equal the watch worthiness. It is a gift that can be treasure for many years and value forever.